Former – Nissan Atleon

Ex – Nissan Atleon.

This dragon was taken to replace the old Iveco 35-10. The car was taken from Austria. The main aspects of our search were: a big capacity of the cabin, good access to the engine, the category B and the applicable price. This car suited all requirements. The more so, that it goes under category B, having 20 three cubes from the factory. The engine is good here, 3-liter turbodiesel, traction is enough. The car is undemanding and ordinary in use and maintenance.

As for the engine … 3 liter turbo diesel, timing: gears, four cylinders, 100 6 hp.с. Suspension … in front and rear are springs, front support with pins, I repeat, the car for the passenger car category))) on these "passenger" springs loaded with three tons remains even a good stock, but there is no point in tearing the car.

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